Billing format for gift card printing

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Gift cards are a popular choice for businesses, offering customers flexibility and driving sales. But with printing and design involved, ensuring clear billing becomes crucial. Here’s a breakdown of a practical format for your gift card printing invoices.

Billing format for gift card printing

Client Information:

  • Start with the client’s company name, contact details, and invoice number.

Project Details:

  • List the specific project details, including:
  • Quantity of gift cards ordered.
  • Design complexity (standard, custom, etc.).
  • Material and printing specifications (plastic, paper, size, etc.).

Cost Breakdown:

Clearly outline the cost components:

  • Design fees (if applicable): Specify an hourly rate or a flat fee for design services.
  • Printing cost per unit: Indicate the cost per card based on quantity and specifications.
  • Additional charges (if any): List any additional costs like variable data printing (personalization) or expedited shipping.

Payment Terms:

State your payment terms, including:

  • Due date for payment.
  • Accepted payment methods (check, credit card, etc.).
  • Late payment fees (optional).


Clearly display the total cost for the project, including any applicable taxes.
Additional Considerations:

  • For recurring orders, you can offer a dedicated billing format with pre-populated project details for faster processing.
  • Consider offering different billing options like upfront payment or split payments for larger orders.
  • Always provide clear contact information for any billing inquiries.

By implementing this format, you can ensure transparency in your gift card printing billing process. This will not only streamline your business operations but also foster positive client relationships.